GRETRO had a mission for EU-Mobility, a professional educational advisory center - Erasmus + in Sweden. Look here to read more>>

The Programme for the day was "Create a sustainable home using various techniques":

  • Introduction to the OFFICIAL Annie Sloan method: learn the basics and try several different techniques: paint smooth, "rough" with texture, layer upon layer, crackling, waxing and much more.
  • Time to become environmentally smart: tips and advice on how you can easily upgrade, renew furniture and other things in your home, e.g. paint, decorate and marble or create a new delicious lamp base in rust and much more.
  • Environmental thinking for form and function: fix rickety chairs, reupholster chair, fix a broken tabletop and much more.

It was a much-appreciated full day for the 12 students.
Look at the You Tube film>>

The practical content to the You Tube film

Step 1.

Paint two thirds of the board with Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan.

Step 2.

Use a hairdryer to dry the surface.

Step 3.

Chose a new colour and paint the middle panel of the board.

Step 4.

Create something nice on that panel with a sharp object in the wet colour.

Step 5.

If you want to be even more creative, you can use other colours, on the carved patterns.

Step 6.

Paint the last third panel with a very thick layer of paint like icing a cake and painting in different directions.

Step 7.

While the paint is still wet, use a hairdryer to achieve cracks. The thicker the paint is, the larger the cracks.

Step 8.

Go back to the first panel and use a stencil that you attach to the plate. Make sure the stencil is firmly attached.

Step 9.

The trick is to use a dry sponge/roller or brush and a small amount of paint, not allowing the paint to bleed underneath the stencil.

Step 10.

It is best to remove the stencil while the paint is still wet. Don't wait for the paint to dry out to avoid the paint to bond with the stencil.

Step 11

Return to the third panel with the crackles, divide this into four small parts to use Clear Soft Wax, Brown, Black and White wax.

Step 12.

Once all panels on the board have dried, you apply a layer of Clear Soft Wax to seal the colours. Be aware to apply the wax ‘like hand cream’.

GRETRO thanks all the attentive students from Poland and wish you good luck!

September 2023

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